Hazem elolimy for Import & Export

Foundation was established Hazem Hassan al-Alimi for plastic industries in 1994 in the industrial zone C1

The industrial zone - Tenth of Ramadan


The organization has expanded to become the Office Alimi Import & Export , based in Doha Mall Tenth of Ramadan , one of the

    Major companies import production lines, plastic and exported to the Arab world

Alimi Office for Import & Export agent for major companies manufacturing production lines and plastic accessories People 's Republic of China

Are imported production lines, all kinds of plastic (PVC - PPR - PET - PEHD - PELD)

Most of our exports is a production lines, pipes PE, PVC and plastic injection machines and molds and machines movie

And Alastritsc Bladafah to mixers and crushers and all production lines, plastic accessories

The company supplies production lines, plastic pipes to Arab countries such as

Tunisia - Saudi Arabia - North Sudan - Libya - Oman - Yemen - United Arab Emirates

The company has also configures the technical staff of highly skilled engineers, technicians and sales management and procurement

The company is also exporting and supplying plastic products


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